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This 750ml Fridge and Microwave Cleaner is designed to keep clean kitchen appliances that are constantly exposed to contact with food: refrigerators, portable fridges, microwaves. Its innovative formula, based on delicate alcohols, effectively removes greasy stains and other dirt. It ensures hygienic cleanliness. It neutralises unpleasant odours. It is for all kinds of fridge and microwave interiors, including plastic, glass and stainless steel surfaces. Its formula helps to remove frost from the walls of the fridge. Application of the cleaner on vertical surfaces and areas difficult to reach is very easy thanks to its handy trigger cap. It leaves delicate pleasant citrus scent. It is for everyday use, especially for regular cleaning of plates and microwave walls and shelves of the fridge. The trigger cap is sold separately. Total weight : 800.0 [g]

Total weight : 815.0 [g]



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