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FONTAINAVIE thermal face and body water is mined in Poland from more than 2 kilometres below the earth's surface. It contains a wealth of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, chlorides and bicarbonates. It refreshes, relaxes and soothes. It is famous for its health and beauty benefits and its versatility 💦.
Works in 9 different ways 💦 💧 💧 but it's not the only one
💧 Healing: reduces allergic reactions, promotes wound healing, improves skin blood flow 💧 Rejuvenating: reduces wrinkles, slows down the aging process of the skin, makes it more elastic, firms it, nourishes it and gives it a youthful glow 💧 Refreshing: after physical activity 💧 moisturise: in air-conditioned rooms 💧 Refreshing: during the summer season 💧 Restorative: for sunburn 💧 Soothing: after insect bites 💧 Soothing: after depilation and dermatological treatment 💧 Make-up fixative: does not affect make-up
This extremely practical product, with a capacity of 300 ml, will last you a long time, becoming your inseparable companion in every situation 💙



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