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VITALITY BOOST & MAGNESIUM POWER FOOD SUPPLEMENT It is an innovative dietary supplement consisting of six containers full of vitality and energy. The liquid form enables best absorption and almost immediate action of the product. VITALITY BOOST is an injection of nutritive ingredients which prevent exhaustion of the body, while MAGNESIUM POWER supplements the organism with magnesium, which is extremely important for proper functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular and muscle system. The composition of VITALITY BOOST & MAGNESIUM POWER was designed so as to ensure that the ingredients supplement and reinforce their properties. Drink one dose of Vitality Boost immediately after opening, and around two hours later drink one Magnesium Power, to compensate the magnesium level. 3 x NUTRICODE VITALITY BOOST 3 x NUTRICODE MAGNESIUM POWER 6 x 25 ml | COMPREHENSIVE DOSE OF ENERGY IN TWO STEPS 1. NUTRICODE VITALITY BOOST – a nutritive injection Drink one portion of VITALITY BOOST daily During an intensive day at work, at University or during an exhausting physical activity, the overtired body uses up its energy resources. Therefore, our well-being is reduced – we feel tired, exhausted and drowsy. VITALITY BOOST, thanks to guarana and green tea extracts, perfectly stimulates the organism for further action! Nutritive ingredients contained in the product regulate the functioning of the nervous and muscular system, restore concentration and improve mood. • Guarana extract contains a substantial amount of caffeine, which has a beneficial effect in the case of physical and mental exhaustion, boosts energy, eliminates drowsiness and tiredness, improves concentration and memory • niacin, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin are responsible for proper functioning of the nervous system – they manage the bodily energy management, alleviating nervous stress, have positive effect on mood and mental performance • green tea extract is a natural anti-oxidant supporting the organism’s fight with free radicals 2. MAGNESIUM POWER – ideal balance Two hours after drinking VITALITY BOOST, take 1 dose of MAGNESIUM POWER Magnesium governs proper functioning of nearly all body systems. It is also responsible for proper electrolyte balance. Taking care of it is particularly important during an increased physical or mental effort when we drink plenty of coffee, tea, or just water. It leads to washing away of valuable minerals. Due to a considerable amount of highly-absorbed magnesium, NUTRICODE MAGNESIUM POWER compensates the electrolyte level while maintaining proper energy management. • magnesium is responsible for maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body, supports it during physical and mental effort, is responsible for proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular system as well as monitors proper muscular work • vitamin B6 is an ally of magnesium – it boosts its absorption and also supports psychological functions and is responsible for proper energy metabolism in our body

Total weight : 247.0 [g]



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