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A sensual fragrance, the mysterious chords of which are revealed under the magical cover of the night and highlight the most noble, untamed fragrance notes that will introduce you to the world of exceptional mood and pleasure. Let yourself be captivated by this extraordinary composition, which thanks to the remarkable combination of saffron, sweet amber, noble rose with captivating musk and patchouli creates a disturbing, charismatic and unforgettable oriental fragrance.

Total weight : 72.0 [g]

Net weight : 72.0 [g]

UTIQUE Midnight Drama Luxury Fragrance 15 m

  • Type: ▪ Sensual, seductive, deliciously dark, emulates the mysteries of twilight Fragrance notes: ▪ Head: cassis, black pepper, saffron ▪ Heart: rose, incense, patchouli ▪ Base: raspberry powder, cashmerewood, sweet amber, musk

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