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It is an ideal option for women who care for their health. Scrupulously designed set of vitamins and minerals is adapted to female nutritive needs. VITAMINS FOR HER is an invaluable support every day. Thanks to anti-oxidants, it helps the organism cope with the free radicals appearing in our bodies due to air pollution, highly processed food, cigarette smoke, or alcohol. Vitamin B group complex ensures adequate level of vitality during the day and supports cardiovascular function. Due to high folic acid content it is a perfect supplement for women who wish to become mothers. Take 2 tablets a day with water. 2 x 30 COATED TABLETS a 30-day system

Total weight : 210.0 [g]

Net weight : 210.0 [g]


  • CAREFULLY DESIGNED COMPOSITION: • thiamine, riboflavin, and vitamin B12 increase energy and vitality while regulating energy metabolism • vitamins A, C, and E protect against oxidative stress, stimulate immunity system and cardiovascular function • folic acid regulates the growth and functioning of body cells and plays an extremely important role in the correct foetal development; therefore, it is a compulsory supplement for women who wish to become mothers • vitamins D and K make our skeletal system stronger (including teeth) and boost our immunity • chrome reduces appetite for sweets and helps burn fat; it also supports mataining the proper body weight

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